10 Movies Ahead of Their Time

10 Movies Ahead of Their Time


Some movies come along and take us for a ride into the future, showing us what could be. But the future is not always so pretty, and sometimes what we think would be great turns out to be a nightmare. But these ten movies gave us something to think about and some of them are actually part of, or are becoming part of, our reality today.


American Psycho

Mary Harron’s American Psycho, released in 2000, gave us the narcisstic Patrick Bateman, played masterfully by Christian Bale. The investment banker acted out psychotic fantasies while his outside persona was pristine, upscale and sophisticated. The film premiere was a measley $15.1 million because the audience just was not ready for the idea that something so horrible could lurk inside a seemingly normal person, someone we might encounter in our daily lives. Skip ahead thirteen years, and we see in reality more and more atrocities where it is reported by friends, “he seemed like such a nice guy!”