Is Sansa Getting A Girlfriend In Game Of Thrones?

Is Sansa Getting A Girlfriend In Game Of Thrones?


Sophie Turner who plays the unfortunate crazy Sansa Stark in Video game of Thrones has actually suggested that possibly it is time for her to ditch people altogether as well as get a partner.

With her very first relationship being to Joffery Baratheon, that transformed out to be an absolute monster that went a bit wild with electrical power as soon as he came to be master, to then becoming betrothed to Ramsey Bolton, Sansa hasn’t already had a simple trip.


< img class ="alignnone size-full wp-image-54501" src=""alt =" lead_large "width="615" elevation ="410" > She naively went into her marriage with Joffery thinking it was going to be the perfect fairytale, but he soon turned nasty and even beheaded her father in front of her and her younger sis. Ramsey was even worse, compeling himself after her and just normally being among the worst individuals there remains in Video game of Thrones.


So it is easy to understand that Sophie Turner thinks enough is adequate and that Sansa needs to keep away from males in the future. In a recent meeting she claimed”I believe she’s visiting have to turn the various other means– due to the fact that the males point isn’t really working for her”.

Sansa has gained a whole lot of self-confidence and also courage just recently. After every little thing she has been with, it would certainly be easy to merely provide up, yet in true Stark style, she’s chosen not to and is visiting battle to obtain her house Winterfell back. As well as it’s since can be the excellent time for Sansa to forgo men and make the decision of that she’s visiting be with for herself.

“Judging be Sansa’s connection with Margaery …; possibly Margaery.”

They would make an extremely appealing couple as well as they’re both (now that Sansa has begun to defend herself) total badasses. Ultimate electrical power couple product?


The actress likewise suggested that she would certainly be interested in seeing an enchanting scene in between Sansa and also Ayra, her on-screen sibling as well as the real world friend. “Or [Sansa could obtain it on with] Arya– since I would love to see that happen,”

It may be morally incorrect, yet considering this is Video game of Thrones, anything can happen. I guess we’ll merely offered to wait and see.

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