The Awkward Moment The Grammys Shown Ed Sheeran’s ‘Parents’ During His Speech

The Awkward Moment The Grammys Shown Ed Sheeran’s ‘Parents’ During His Speech


< div id="tps_slideContainer_40641"class="theiaPostSlider_slides"> In spite of all the fantastic moments from the Grammys 2016, there were additionally some uncomfortable nows throughout the night that attract attention.

Other than Adele’s not-so-pitch ideal efficiency, the Grammys cameramen seemed to absolutely mess up throughout Ed Sheeran’s acceptance speech.

Ed won the give for Tune Of The Year with the chart-topping song ‘Thinking Out Loud’, in addition to winning Best Pop Solo Efficiency.

With ‘Considering Loud’ blasting around the give arena in LA, the other than satisfied Brit singer required to the stage to obtain his much-deserved give.

This is the very first time the singer has actually won at the Grammys in the 4 years he has been attending, so it was a large moment for the ginger heartthrob.

During his thanks and acceptance speech, Ed made a special mention to his moms and dads as well as thanked them for always flying over to LA for the Grammys every year.

Whilst the singer joked about just how his mum and also daddy constantly claim ‘maybe next year’ after his loss at each previous Grammys reveal, the camera flashed to an excessively pleased couple in the group which presumably were Ed’s pleased moms and dads.


As the viewers or even viewers glanced on at the expected Mr or even Mrs Sheeran slapping or even giggling along, there was an unexpected realisation for those who know the singer specifically well …;

These weren’t his moms and dads whatsoever!

Hardcore followers required to Twitter to express their problem over the phony moms and dads that the Grammys were revealing:

February 16, 2016 Ed’s actual mum and also father are called Imogen and also John, and also appear to look nothing like Ed’s Grammys parents!


We wonder exactly how his genuine moms and dads felt regarding traversing to LA for their 4th time at the Grammys, just to lose out on their minute of fame when their cherished son grabbed the Track Of The Year award!

Despite them not actually being his parents, the Sheeran charlatans that were revealed looked extremely delighted for him nevertheless!

Look into the hilariously unpleasant moment below, in addition to Taylor Swift’s cringe overreaction to Ed’s win:

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